Thoughts : Ignorance of Muslims

“Allah Protect me from Kafireen”  – This was one of the lines from the lyrics  of the new song called as ‘Halal boy’ from the group -‘Deen Squad’ that are thriving and have their fanbase increasing day by day in Canada.

So the word Kafireen signifies Kafir as a whole different group from Muslims. What is a Kafir in Islam? A Kafir is an individual that does not believe in Islam nor Allah or the prophets.  Also, there is a mention of the Kafirs that they will not go to Paradise because they do not believe in Allah.

“Inna deenah, inndallahil Islam.”
(Certainly, Allah will only accept Islam [submission to Him on His terms in peace] as a way of life for anyone.)
[surah Al Imran 3:19]

Yes, this translation of the Quran does startle me but let me tell you something, the translation of the Quran can be comprehended in a hundred ways.

(With all honesty, I personally get highly offended when I hear such ignorance emerging out from my fellow muslims.)

I am a muslim and I strongly condemn this notion. I do not think anyone is special to be born as a muslim. I think it is special if one tries to help and spread the word of goodness of people that one comes across in their life. This is the act of worship towards God. I will not waver from the fact that I do pray the Salah and I do fast but that’s because I was born into this religion and it is my faith.

I love reading the Quran in Arabic, I love to Pray to God because I was raised in a muslim household. I would go to church and pray to Jesus if I was born into the Christian faith.

So let me get this straight, We are all humans. We all worship to some entity of a higher spiritual power that preaches goodness and only good deeds alone. So remember that if you ever do come across a Muslim that tells you otherwise, please ignore. Your soul as a good person counts first before anything else.


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