They all tell fables that go Rattle-Rattle

Rumors circulate around

Around and around they go until it grows into a plant from the ground

“I am not going to be her friend anymore”, she cried

But did she know? Before they pried

That there are always two sides of an imaginary tale

Everyone like to state a fable; Would you believe them if they told you that I went for a sail?

To attain real answers that is bounded within a jail

But there was no Answer as it is all subjective

Don’t they know that the answers to anything in life isn’t very objective

So let’s merry and dance like we humans do

Love and laugh like family and forget the blue

For the things said because nothing lasts in life

and let’s all dance together towards the rhythm of an imaginary fife.

Note  : The photo used here for this post is from the web.

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