Viewing Life 

Note : Photo used here for this blogpost is taken from the web

So how does the change begin?

As we grow older, we tend to realize that the things we had thought aren’t really what they seem to be. Every single aspect of life and the way we look at the matters of life changes…They abruptly change and for sometime you are lost. You are lost because you weren’t raised to believe that this is how it’s going to be. You were raised to believe that the answers that you’re looking for are all present in a tiny religious scripture of thoughts from other people. You were raised to believe in a certain norm. A certain tradition.  A certain thought that was acceptable by the society that you were born into. If you would rebel then you would be  considered morbid. You would be considered an abomination.  You may try to adjust with the norms that are placed in front of you but then the questions that first arose in your mind don’t disappear. They are just suppressed. They’re suppressed in your Unconscious state of mind until you ask them again. 

  You Still did not understand me?

 Let me give you an example : What is love? Scientists say they are just the chemicals that you’re wired up within your body. Oxytocin is the main component for love but what about the fact that human relationships don’t really work on love? We fall in and fall out of love. Our patriarchal cultures force us to stay doted and committed to the man or the woman we are married to. Is this fair? Maybe. Why? A broad sense of responsibility is present on your shoulders depending upon the kind of cultural background you come from. Depending upon the religion you’re born into. 

Everything is a lie

This whole system is a fable. Why do I say this? Because it is  a sad repeated tale that is tried and tested until we all wake up one day and we change ultimately regarding what we see the bonding of a marriage as? And that’s just one example. The truth on how to live your life is subjective. In the end, nothing is a promise said and made to us by life and you need to just Change according to what suits your situation best. 

Be the best version of what you can be and what works out for you as a person. Today you maybe conservative and tomorrow you maybe liberal. There is no good and there is no bad. They’re all interwoven into a funny mixture. Like an opaque cloud that forms when you mix salt with water or sugar with water. There is no right or wrong perspective. There are just opinions and random words that are spoken out of beliefs and culture that one is introduced to, as a child.

Through experiences we all change and change is necessary for survival. Survival of the fittest like how Darwin had once stated in his theory. 


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